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Posted on 02/18/2024
Why buyers should always attend home showings
In a fast-paced seller’s market, homebuyers may feel...
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Posted on 02/04/2024
New construction home-buying process: The basics
The new construction home-buying process differs from the...
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Posted on 11/26/2023
How to get the most out of a home showing as a buyer
You may come across a home for sale that piques your...
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Posted on 10/08/2023
Mortgages - What can I afford?
As you enter the world of real estate, funding for your...
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Posted on 07/30/2023
How to start buying a house: The basics
With so many steps involved, answering the question of...
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Posted on 10/17/2021
House Hunting: Keep Your Pets Level and Happy While You Find Home
Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels Before finding your perfect house, you’ll undoubtedly visit at least 10 different properties for a good look around. If you’re navigating through a seller’s market, that number could increase considerably. All the while, your pet is likely waiting impatiently for things to return to normal, so they can enjoy having you home...
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